The Hydroseeding process –

Hydroseeding is a process of planting grass, where the seed, fertilizer, mulch and tackifier are combined in a tank, mixed with water into a slurry and sprayed onto prepared soil.  The hydroseeding mulch aids in erosion control as well as provides the needed moisture to help the seed germinate.  Any standard or custom blend of seed can be used in the process. We are equipped to mix 100% wood fiber mulch, the best material for establishing a sod quality lawn.

Advantages –

Hydroseeding has many advantages over traditional dry seeding, including, quicker germination, better moisture retention, better seed/soil contact, very uniform application, holds in place better than dry seed, and a much more cost effective solution than sod.  All of these advantages help to establish a healthy stand of turfgrass.

Preparation –

Proper site preparation is very important to the success of your new lawn. The surface must be cleared of existing vegetation and large rocks. The topsoil should be stable but not compacted. At CP Landscape we use a Harley power rake to create the ideal surface for planting grass.

We use only the finest quality certified seed, top quality wood mulch, and balanced fertilizers.

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